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PPM Supports New Effluent Monitoring Opportunities At Kellogg's

PPM Supports New Effluent Monitoring Opportunities At Kellogg'sPollution and Process Monitoring Limited - PPM has installed a Protoc TOC - Total Organic Carbon Web Effluent Analyser at Kellogg's Manchester Plant, Trafford Park, to help Kellogg's improve its monitoring and analysis capabilities, as well as reduce its effluent charges bill. Installed in February 2003, the new PPM system gives Kellogg's continuous monitoring, and is capable of providing instantaneous output alarms and historical trending to various locations and departments i.e. Facilities, Operations and Security.

The installation has come about as the result of Kellogg's recent major initiative to provide continuous sampling and monitoring of its food waste effluent, resulting in a continual update of the likely effluent charge rate to be issued by United Utilities.

The system comprises a Protoc Web TOC analyser (used to estimate COD values in real-time), a Band Filter preparing sample by removing unwanted suspended solids from the raw effluent prior to analysis, and a Turbidity instrument to monitor Suspended Solids concentrations. Additionally, pH and Temperature have also been integrated into the system and all the signals are connected to the touch screen Controller displaying and achieving data for subsequent retrieval. Ancillaries include an industrial peristaltic sample pump with air back-flushing, gas compressor and analyser wash systems. All the instrumentation is housed in an IP65 enclosure providing additional protection and simplified transportation around the site.

The PPM Protoc Web Effluent Analyser is housed in a semi-portable enclosure, enabling periodic on-line analysis at three separate on-site locations - the Alpha Screener, Loading Dock Screener and the Trade Effluent Flume.

Kellogg' s also intends to use the new PPM system to identify major sources of waste through regular observations, enabling it to react much faster to plant raw material and finished food issues as well as secure considerable reduction in wastage with attendant cost savings.

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