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A diverse range of on-line instrumentation of specific design, cover the critical water quality parameters and key monitoring applications. Dissolved chemical and physical water quality can be rapidly reported by on-line instrumentation covering parameters which include Total Organic Carbon, ammonia, pH and turbidity. The latest water measurement technology includes sensor and system diagnostics with outputs for real-time control. Dip-probe and flow-through analytical configurations have been specially designed for drinking water, surface water, industrial and waste-water monitoring applications.

Our Protoc TOC analyser can be used for either continuous single or multi-point TOC water quality analysis. Total Organic Carbon is widely deployed throughout industry to measure dissolved organic contamination and hydrocarbons.

Our ProAm ammonia analyser can be configured for continuous or intermittent ammonia measurement (ammoniacal-nitrogen water pollution). The water quality analyser is installed primarily for effluent quality and pollution monitoring.

Multiple parameter water quality analytical measurement from a single instrument is possible using the Trescon analyser (.pdf 176kb).

Multiple parameter water quality probe measurement from a single instrument can be configured using either the IQ Sensor Net system (.pdf 873kb) or Chemitec 50 Series multi-parameter systems (.pdf 1.6Mb).

For further information on specific water analysis and suitable instrumentation to monitor key determinands please click on the relevant parameter symbol.

PPM Protoc TOC total organic carbon MCERTS analyser for water quality, process monitoring and control
Protoc TOC analyser


PPM Proam ammonia monitor for continuous ammoniacal-nitrogen final effluent measurement
Proam ammonia analyser


WTW Trescon Uno water quality analyser for ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate measurement from PPM
Trescon Uno nutrient analyser


WTW IQ Sensor Net digital water quality system for ammonium, nitrate, DO, pH, turbidity measurement using probe technology from PPM
WTW IQ Sensor Net


Wess Global ENV100 sludge blanket level detector with ultrasonic measurement from PPM

ENV 100 Sludge Blanket

Chemitec 50 series analyser

Chemitec 50 series analyser

Chemitec ColorTec Kiosk

Chemitec ColorTec Kiosk