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IQ Sensor Net


The IQ Sensor Net is a continuous on-line water quality measurement system which uses digital communications to interface between all connected components. The controller(s) may communicate with one or more sensors, over significant distances allowing for local and remote sensor communication.

Two types of digital controller provide unrivalled choice and flexibility whilst maintaining commonality of component and user familiarity.

Provision of automatic air cleaning combined with robust build quality ensures the optimum of performance and protection against damage, even the harshest of environments.

The submersible sensors are integrated into robust stainless steel armatures providing the optimum of protection even in the harshest of environments. The sensors may also be mounted into small tank, pipes and flow cells providing complete installation flexibility. The water testing technology is therefore very versatile and is suitable for water and waste-water quality measurement.

Key features

  • Multi-sensor connection (2, 4, 20 sensors)
  • Multi-parameter into a common controller philosophy
  • Analogue (0/4-20mA) & programmable alarm relays
  • Modbus or Profibus communications
  • Intelligent sensors with diagnostic alarms
  • Remote sensor monitoring capability
  • Data logging & graphical display available
  • Alarm & calibration history

WTW DIQ S182 IQ Sensor Net digital controller water test instrument
T2020-XT System

WTW T2020-XT IQ Sensor Net digital controller water test instrument
DIQ/S 282 System

WTW IQ Sensor Net water testing sensor technology
IQ Sensor Technology