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TriOS manufactured products

TriOS manufactured products

TriOS is a German manufacturer of innovative optical sensor technology using digital sensor communication for process and environmental monitoring applications. The sensors are manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel or Titanium (for aggressive sample conditions) and uses nano-coated windows to minimise fouling. Compressed air cleaning of the sensors may also be integrated. The UV spectrum is used to report dissolved organic concentrations, nitrate and nitrite. Various path-lengths are available to suit various measuring ranges.  UV-fluorescence is available for the detection of PAH oil in water. Colour measurement and fluorescence technology is also available in the probe format.

For further information please refer to the individual product descriptions.

More Information

PDFOPUS - DOC, NO3 & NO2 optical sensor
OPUS is a UV pho­tometer which provides full spectral analysis for the determination of BOD, COD & TOC equivalent, nitrate & nitrite with compensation for turbidity.

PDFNICO - NO3 optical sensor
NICO is a low cost UV pho­tometer for the determination of nitrate. The four detection channels enable a precise optical determination of nitrate by absorption, taking into account turbidity and organic sub­stances to remove interference.

PDFLISA - 254 - UVT & DOC optical sensor

LISA is a low cost UV pho­tometer for the determination of dissolved organics. The sensor reports as standard UV transmission (SAC254nm) and through application specific correlation, BOD, COD & TOC equivalent may also be reported.

PDFLISA - Colour (HAZEN) optical sensor

LISA enables reliable low-cost colour measurements. LISA colour uses two different LEDs for long-term stable measurements of SAC or colours at different wavelengths. The second channel is used for turbidity/ background correction. The cutting-edge device platform, used in all other TriOS photometers, enables optical path lengths of 50, 100, 150 and 250 mm, so that almost any application can be easily implemented.

PDFEnviroFlu-HC -  UV fluorescence PAH oil in water optical sensor

EnviroFlu-HC is the new generation of immersion sensors for measurement of oil-in-water. The used measuring principle of UV fluorescence is very sensitive allowing for ppb trace detection of PAH's, for example in drinking water and cooling water condensates.

PDFNanoFlu - fluorometer CDOM optical sensor

NanoFlu fluorometers are low-priced, submersible miniatur­ized fluorometers for highly precise and selective measure­ment of CDOM (coloured dissolved organic matter, yellow substances), chlorophyll A or phycocyanin in cyanobacteria.

PDFTriBox3 – Four channel instrument

TriBox3 comprises a touch screen controller interface enabling connection of four TriOS sensors. Outputs include six analogue outputs (4...20 mA) and an integrated relay to trigger alarms or to control external devices.  Selectable RS-232, RS-485 and Modbus-RTU functionality and IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Interface, optional Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Interface and a USB port is integrated.  A built-in valve allows automatic com­pressed air cleaning of the sensors.

PDFTriBox Mini – Two channel instrument

TriBox mini is a low cost two channel controller with |LCD display accepting two TriOS sensors. with 2 digital sensor inputs and 2 x 4...20 mA outputs. Selectable RS-232, RS-485 and Modbus-RTU functionality and built-in web browser WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n Interface.  An optional built-in valve allows automatic com­pressed air cleaning of the sensors.