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Wessex Water awards PPM a framework for the Proam ammonia monitor

Pollution & Process Monitoring (PPM) Ltd is pleased to announce that Wessex Water has awarded PPM an instrument supply framework for the Proam ammonia monitor.

The award recognises that the instrument is proven technology, suitable for reliable measurement of waste-water. The Proam ammonia monitor was initially evaluated at the Poole WwTW site over a two month period commencing November 2004. Since making the original installation, the instrument has been the preferred choice for final effluent monitoring especially on sites which have consents less than 5.0mg/L N.

Since the instrument provides automatic measurement validation the best possible confidence in the reported ammonia concentration can be provided. Additionally, PPM has developed the complete sample acquisition and sample preparation system, to suit the more challenging waste-water monitoring applications.

Further information on the technology and the various installations within Wessex Water, is covered in within the installation section:

Wessex Water selects Proam ammonia monitor for final effluent monitoring and awards PPM a supply framework

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