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Winter Special - Tribox 3 and enviroFlu sensor - 30% discount

Trios have now completed a new manufacturing facility at their premises in Northern Germany and to celebrate this achievement they are offering a special winter promotional package of the enviroFlu sensor technology and the advanced Tribox 3 touch screen controller, with a special discount of 30% off list prices, valid for 2020.

The enviroFlu oil in water sensor uses the latest UV-fluorescence measurement technology to report oil in water concentrations over the range of either 0-500 PPB or 0-5,000 PPB. The sensor continuously measures and can be connected to the Tribox 3 touch screen surface mount controller to show reported measurements, data record/graph and output signals. The Tribox 3 will also accept other TriOS digital sensors allowing for a comprehensive water quality measurement system. Outputs include analogue 4-20mA and digital signals suitable for connection to telemetry.

The sensor may be directly mounted into a open channel or alternatively measure a pumped sample to a PVC break tank which PPM can fabricate, to suit the specific measurement application. The sample break tank may also accommodate additional measurement sensors which include Nitrate, Nitrite, TOC equivalent, pH, Turbidity and Dissolved Oxygen.

This version is not certified for exhaust gas cleaning systems.

If you would like to take advantage of this promotion, please contact TOC@pollution-ppm.co.uk or call +44 (0)1732 882044.

Please contact PPM by mail or phone and quote TriOS EnviroFlu Package WS30 to obtain your itemised quotation with a 30% discount.