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Distributed products

  • WTW IQ Sensor Net system ammonia, turbidity, pH, DO, nitrate, conductivity  process control and final effluent on-line measurement from PPM
  • HF Scientific on-line turbimeter NTU turbidity measurement potable drinking water quality from PPM
  • WTW IQ Sensor Net portable battery powered water quality measurement system from PPM
  • DKK Oil on water film detector surface water river quality using non contact laser technology from PPM
  • ENV100 - Sludge Blanket Monitor

PPM also distributes selected water quality instrumentation in to the UK market, which further extends our capability to provide complete packages and bespoke water quality monitoring systems. For further information please refer to the individual product descriptions.

More Information

PDF WTW IQ Sensor Net

Modular digital interface accepting multiple sensors including pH, DO, turbidity, ammonium and nitrate suitable for water & waste-water quality monitoring.

PDF WTW Drinking water panels

Pre-assembled single & multi-parameter panels with plumbing for pH, conductivity, DO, turbidity & chlorine, suitable for drinking water quality measurement.

PDF WTW Automatic water samplers

Fixed refrigerated & portable battery powered, water samplers for automatic discrete & composite sample collection.

PDF HF Scientific microtol turbimeter

Nephlometric turbidity (NTU) measurement for raw and treated potable water quality measurement.

PDF Wess Global ENV100 Sludge blanket meter

Ultrasonic detection of the sludge blanket level in clarifiers, primary & secondary settlement tanks for water and waste-water monitoring applications.

PDF PPM bespoke engineered portable IQ system

Battery powered IQ system for temporary installation and data collection including pH, turbidity, ammonia and nitrate measurement.

PDF PPM bespoke engineered trailer mounted instrumentation

Trailer systems allowing temporary installation and water quality monitoring using a combination of probe and analytical technologies.

PDF DKK ODL1600 Oil on Water

The DKK Oil on water detector uses non contact measurement technology to detect the presence of a floating oil film on rivers and surface water whilst accommodating significant variation in water level.

GSM Communications System

GSM wire-free communications and data collection technology for transferring data and sending text messaging from water quality instrumentation.

JUM Gas Emissions FID Monitors

Portable and fixed Flame Ionisation Detectors suitable for VOC & gaseous emissions monitoring applications.

PDF Chemitec Colortec

The colorimetric analyser performs continual measurement of water and waste-water on a user defined interval. Key determinands include ortho-phosphate, iron, aluminium, manganese and Chrome V1.

PDF Realtech M4000 UV254nm high sensitivity aborbsion & transmissivity monitor

The analyser uses ortho-beam (dual path length) optical technology and a flow through design to report the UV transmission (UVT) or UV absorption (UVA) of water or water-water containing dissolved organics or nitrate. Various path lengths provide different measuring ranges and detection limits. Single wavelength measurement at 254nm and multiple wavelengths versions are provided.

PDF Realtech flow through UV254nm aborbsion & transmissivity monitors

All of Real Tech's UV254 testing products benefit from innovative patented or patent pending core technologies that solve the many challenges faced by other similar instrumentation.

PDF Realtech 1500 series UV254nm aborbsion & transmissivity submersible probe

The M1500 instrument comprises a stainless steel submersible probe capable of reporting the UV transmission (UVT) or UV absorption (UVA) at 254nm wavelength of water or water-water containing dissolved organics.