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WTW is a German manufacturer of robust sensor technology using digital sensor communication for process water and waste water monitoring applications. The IQ Sensor Net system allows multiple sensor connection and transmission to telemetry. Key parameters such as pH, ORP, DO, Conductivity, Turbidity, MLSS, Ammonium and nitrate are available in robust probe formats with optional compressed air cleaning. For drinking water monitoring applications, pre-mounted instrumentation is available. Additionally, automated discrete sample collection can also be provided.

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More Information

PDFWTW IQ Sensor Net – multi-parameter & digital sensor technology
Modular digital interface accepting multiple sensors including pH, DO, turbidity, turbidity, MLSS, ammonium and nitrate suitable for water & waste-water quality monitoring.

PDFWTW Drinking water panels – preassembled wallboards & flow through sensors
Pre-assembled single & multi-parameter panels with plumbing for pH, conductivity, DO, turbidity & chlorine, suitable for drinking water quality measurement.

PDFWTW Automatic water samplers – automatic vacuum sampler collection
Fixed refrigerated & portable battery powered, water samplers for automatic discrete & composite sample collection.