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Trescon Water Quality Analyser


The Trescon water quality analyser provides continuous measurement of major nutrients and is designed for both water and waste-water monitoring applications.

Two types of instrument are available. The Trescon Uno allows the integration of a single measurement module. Alternatively the larger Trescon housing provides space to accommodate up to three modules reducing the space required for multiple measurements.

The analyser may be programmed to run continuously, on an internal of time or with automatic adjustment to change the interval dependant upon reported concentrations. This level of flexibility can be very important when trying to reduce chemical consumption whilst maintaining the best possible data collection.

The technology offers ion selective, colorimetric and UV absorption principle to cover the major chemical nutrients. The combination of automatic calibration and chemical cleaning enables reliable measurement for both water and waste-water monitoring applications.

Key parameters

  • Ammonia
  • Nitrate
  • Ortho-phosphate
  • Total phosphate
  • SAC (UV Absorption)

Key features

  • Modular wet chemistry sections
  • Multi-parameter into a common controller philosophy
  • Analogue (0/4-20mA) & programmable alarm relays
  • RS485 communications (Modbus and Profibus optional)
  • Intelligent modules with diagnostic alarms
  • Data logging & graphical display available

Trescon Water Quality Analyser - Multiple parameter modules
Multiple parameter modules

Trescon Water Quality Analyser - Single parameter module
Single parameter module