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GSM Communications System


The need to transmit, display and record data is often dependent upon the particular application needs and indeed whether a suitable site Scada system is already installed. Nevertheless, many applications can still benefit from a more proactive approach to data management. Number crunching exercises can often be avoided if devices are properly configured. Additionally, operators can be notified in real-time of detrimental process changes requiring immediate investigation.

GSM Technology

GSM technology has many uses; it can be configured for data collection, data transmission and text messaging when alarm set points have been exceeded or undercut.

The typical configuration comprises a master and slave controller with communications between them over a GSM 'wire-free' device, using the UK mobile telephone networks as a means to communicate data and/or text messages. One or more slave controllers may be connected into the system with hard-wire connection of adjacent instrumentation. The slave controllers can be programmed to transmit data on an interval of time or under alarm conditions.

Additionally a "heartbeat" can be sent, typically on a daily basis, to indicate healthy communication exists. The master controller which receives the data has flash memory to accept up to 40,000 records if permanent connection to a PC is not practical. The GSM device can also sequentially page or text different operators until contact is made.

The GSM system is also supplied with a comprehensive software package allowing endless configuration possibilities, in addition to graphical and tabular data display and archiving.

Key Features:

  • “wire-free” GSM technology
  • Highly cost effective & easy to use
  • Compact design (125 x 160 x 35 mm)
  • Flash memory for 40,000 records
  • Text message and data capability
  • Connection of RS232/ RS485 interfaces
  • Multiple analogue / pulse counter outputs
  • IP65 weather protection
  • 9-24 VDC power supply