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Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd - PPM is a specialist manufacturer of water and waste-water quality instrumentation. Our manufactured products include instrumentation suitable for on-line and laboratory water analysis.

Protoc Analyser 300

Protoc 300 TOC analyser

The Protoc 300 TOC is a continuous on-line analyser designed for process and industrial effluent discharge monitoring applications and is provided with MCERTS accreditation.

Protoc TL Analyser

Protoc TL TOC analyser

The Protoc TL analyser is a trace level TOC analyser used for continuous monitoring of water and pure water production associated with the semi-conductor and pharmaceutical industry.

Proam Ammonia Monitor

Proam ammonia monitor

The Proam analyser provides continuous water quality measurement on effluent and is also installed to monitor river water quality, to protect drinking water production.

OFD-1 Oil film detector

OFD-1 Oil film detector

The OFD-1 is installed to monitor surface water quality and the discharge of cooling water to river by monitoring for an oil film floating on the water surface.

Terminator Pollution Abatement System

Terminator System

The Terminator is an automatic valve system which uses an inflatable bladder to isolate piped discharge and is remotely controlled by a water quality monitor, fire alarm system or by a building management system.


PPM also distributes selected water quality instrumentation in to the UK market, which further extends our capability to provide complete packages and bespoke water quality monitoring systems.

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