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JUM Gas Emissions FID Monitors

A range of FID instruments are provided for continuous measurement of hydrocarbons in air. Applications include emissions monitoring, process and occupational exposure. More than 15 basic models are manufacture by JUM located in Germany and distributed in the UK by PPM.


The Detectors use a small flame, fuelled by Hydrogen or a Hydrogen-Helium mix, to ionise a gas and give a current flow proportional to the carbon content of the gaseous sample. The technique is extensively used to report hydrocarbon concentrations and is the UK EPA recognised methodology for emissions monitoring. The more sophisticated technology uses a totally heated system (detector and sample transfer line) to prevent any cold spots forming condensation affecting the integrity of the sample.


Model 3-200

Portable High Temperature Hydrocarbon Analyser Small self-contained heated FID for fugitive and emissions monitoring applications.

Model 3-200 - Click to view full size

Model 3-300A

High Temperature Hydrocarbon Analyser Static 19" rack mounted, heated FID with analogue output and display for emissions monitoring applications.

Model 3-300A - Click to view full size

Model 3-400A

High Temperature Hydrocarbon Analyser Static wall mounted, heated FID with analogue output and display for emissions monitoring applications



The JUM design is renowned for the robustness and reliability of the system. The use of a heated FID (detector, integral filter element and transfer line) prevents condensation and the loss of volatile organic compounds. The integral filter element (2-micron mesh) and indeed the sample transfer line, can be automatically back-purged to remove particulate and maintain good sample integrity. The burner efficiency has also been optimised to give good oxygen synergism that is of particular importance when measuring oxygen depleted sample such as post incineration. No additional bottles of clean air are needed since the design also integrates it own activated filter on the burner air supply.


Measuring Ranges (PPM)

0-10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000


Max. 1ppm CH4 full scale


1 %

T90 Response Time

1.20 seconds

Oven Temperature

204°C (400°F)

Wall Mount Dimensions

600w x 200d x 600h mm

Rack Mount Dimensions

483w x 460d x 221h mm

Portable Dimensions

300w x 580d x 204h mm

Power Requirements

230VAC/50Hz 115VAC/60Hz 1250W